Lawyer in labor law in Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Expert in labor law in Villeneuve-d´ascq, Master Marie Grangé is a lawyer intervening in labor law.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, she is available to welcome you and answer all your legal issues relating to the employment contract and has all the skills necessary to represent you in the event of a dismissal dispute.

Dismissal lawyer

Dismissal is a process undertaken by an employer when the latter wishes to end the collaboration with an employee. In order for it to comply with legal procedure, the employer will have to provide a real and serious case with supporting evidence, or face a challenge. The different motivations that can lead to a dismissal are:

– The personal reason (a personal fault of the employee);

– The economic reason (budgetary restriction for example);

– The disciplinary reason.

You can call on the expertise of Master Marie Grangé, in Villeneuve-d’ascq, to ​​defend your interests in the event of unfair dismissal or for serious misconduct, forced resignation, contractual termination of the employment contract, or even harassment. moral or sexual.

She is also able to assist you, near Lille, in proceedings initiated following a work accident, harassment, occupational disease, discrimination, psychological harassment, etc.

It is therefore wise to seek the skills of a professional to guide you and promote your interests. Offering her intervention near Roubaix, Master Marie Grangé is committed to helping employees make the decision best suited to their situation.

Registered with the Lille Bar, she assists and represents the employee or the employer in the context of a dismissal around Tourcoing. It is involved throughout the procedure, which begins with the dismissal interview, informing the employee about the decision, negotiating severance pay and providing information on possible assistance measures for the employee.

Master Marie Grangé will help you decide and put the odds in your favor. Your labor lawyer will answer your questions and invite you to visit her in her law firm for more information.

Avocat droit travail Villeneuve-d'Ascq
Droit des contrats

Contract law

The employment contract is an agreement concluded between an employee and an employer through which the employee submits to the subordination of his employer in exchange for salary or remuneration. It is mainly established with the aim of protecting the rights of employees and the rights of the employer, but also to avoid possible litigation.

In order to comply with the regulations on the subject and to obtain sound advice when drafting the employment contract, it is recommended that you call on your lawyer in Villeneuve d´Ascq. It will take care of everything relating to the drafting of specific clauses and their execution, but also the addition of an amendment to the contract in the event of rectification of the latter. Since this area is quite technical and vast, the assistance of your lawyer, near Lille, will be essential to you to avoid mistakes and exaggerated clauses.

Combining professionalism and in-depth knowledge of labor law, she is authorized to intervene near Roubaix, in the drafting, judicial termination as well as the modification of a standard or particular employment contract.

When an employee perfectly performs his employment contract and his obligations, the employer must pay him remuneration. Otherwise, this leads to litigation of the employment contract. The area of ​​intervention may also include non-payment of overtime, refusal to pay reminders or bonuses, unpaid or miscalculated wages. For all these situations, contact Master Marie Grangé without delay.

In addition, the unilateral modification of the employment contract, the poor performance of the employment contract, the fault committed by the employee during the performance of his duties can also generate a dispute between the two parties. To assert your rights and defend your interests, do not hesitate to contact your lawyer near Tourcoing.

Similarly, employees and employers can be assisted by Master Marie Grangé, lawyer in labor law, to draft the contractual termination of the employment contract respecting the interests of both parties.


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