Honoraria of Master Marie Grangé, lawyer at the Lille Bar

A lawyer registered with the Lille Bar, Master Marie Grangé ensures that her fees are calculated simply and clearly, so that each client can measure the amount of their intervention. A fee protocol is always concluded to specify the methods of calculating the firm’s fees and thus rule out any disagreement.

Since each file and each personal situation are diverse, there is no compliant tariff. The fees are calculated in relation to each case and to each client following an initial interview.

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Time spent billing

In general, the fees of your labor law lawyer in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, are set in relation to the time spent on a file according to a schedule made according to various attached elements:

  • The complexity of the case;
  • The value of interest and amounts involved;
  • To the possible displacements to be accomplished;
  • Expenses related to the intervention of other professionals (Notary, Bailiff, etc.).

Despite the difficulty of fixing in advance and clearly the number of hours to be completed on the file, she undertakes, near Roubaix, to communicate to you during the first meeting an estimate of the related fees. to his intervention.

Invoicing a fixed fee

Instead of invoicing linked to the time spent and before any intervention, it can be decided by mutual agreement to opt for invoicing determined on a global and flat-rate basis. This fixed amount therefore does not take into account the time actually spent on the case.

In this situation, the fees of your lawyer in Lille affect all the operations carried out of a legal nature, but do not include the down payments, nor the expenses, nor the remuneration of the various intervening specialists such as bailiffs, attorneys, lawyers at the Council. State, etc.

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Invoicing a result fee

On the other hand, according to the practices of the profession, Master Marie Grangé can also establish an invoicing comprising a fixed fee supplemented by a result fee (percentage of the sums earned by the client as part of a procedure or a transaction). For example, this type of fee is sometimes used in family law, for a spouse who can claim the allowance of a compensatory benefit or as part of the compensation of an employee victim of illegal dismissal.

Regardless of the billing method chosen, a provision for fees must be paid to the firm, located in Villeneuve d’Ascq near Tourcoing, when the file is opened and prior to any intervention.

To request more information on the fees of your lawyer in Villeneuve d’Ascq, do not hesitate to contact Maître Marie Grangé at