Family law

Master Marie Grangé, family law lawyer in Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Registered with the Lille Bar, Maître Marie Grangé welcomes you by appointment in her office to provide you with personalized support to better meet your needs. Thus, she has the expertise required for all family law services, whether it be in the context of divorce, alimony, child custody, visitation rights or change of name.

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With recognized experience in divorce proceedings, Maître Marie Grangé is available to listen to you, effectively identify your difficulties in order to quickly provide you with the best possible response.

A lawyer in labor law in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, she also has a solid background in family law. Over the years, she has acquired a great deal of experience in divorce proceedings. She approaches your divorce or your difficulties with the objective of defending your case as best as possible so that your interests and those of your family are preserved.

Your lawyer near Roubaix is very involved in the cases entrusted to her and aims to help you make every effort to obtain the best outcome. She makes sure to keep you informed of the follow-up of your procedure very regularly and informs you about the best strategy to adopt.

Registered at the Lille Bar, the areas of intervention of your lawyer near Tourcoing, in divorce matters are:

  • Conflicting divorce: In case you blame your spouse for serious misconduct and you want the divorce to be determined through his exclusive wrongs.
  • Amicable divorce: Both parties agree on the principle of divorce and its effects, in this case, you have two options:
  • Divorce by joint petition or divorce by mutual consent: a procedure that has the advantage of speed.
  • Divorce requested and accepted when the parties agree on the principle of the divorce but not on the consequences, then an acceptance report must be signed during the divorce conciliation.

Divorce for breakdown of cohabitation: if you have been separated for more than two years, then this option is possible.

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Expert in family law, Maître Marie Grangé, lawyer at the Lille Bar, intervenes in situations of separation or divorce and therefore in the development of procedures concerning alimony, which will contribute to the education of children, by in relation to its resources and needs.

Practicing in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, she supports you in all legal stages with the family court judge, in order to obtain alimony from your ex-spouse and to establish the amount according to the scale. alimony set by the Ministry of Justice.

Lawyer for alimony near Roubaix, Maître Marie Grangé supports you in estimating the amount of alimony as well as for a possible compensatory allowance. She makes it a point of honor to provide you with clear and precise solutions and to initiate all mandatory measures in order to preserve your rights.

An expert in family law litigation near Tourcoing, she does everything possible to help you receive alimony after separation or divorce, so that the amount of this contribution (determined essentially according to the resources of both parents and needs of the child) best meets your needs.

Child custody and visitation rights

Maître Marie Grangé, lawyer for child custody in Villeneuve-d’Ascq accompanies you and represents you in all the formalities related to the exercise of parental authority.

The fixing of the child’s residence and the implementation of a right of visit and accommodation are sometimes conflicting and require the assistance of a lawyer qualified in the matter who will know how to protect your interests before the judge. family.

Child custody becomes a thorny issue during separation or divorce. Trust your lawyer, Maître Marie Grangé near Roubaix, she is your partner for the various procedures to guarantee custody in optimal conditions.

Indeed, endowed with the necessary legal know-how in matters of family law, around Tourcoing, she is able to assist you during the establishment of amicable and legal procedures relating to joint custody, visitation rights. , parental authority as well as alimony.

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Name change

Are you in Villeneuve-d’Ascq and want to change your name or surname? It is therefore essential to fill out a form and send it to the family court judge, trying to justify a legitimate interest.

To do this, you can contact a lawyer who will ensure that the judge accepts your request. In order to strengthen your chances of success, Maître Marie Grangé next to Roubaix welcomes you in his office to offer you his advice and expertise in the matter.

A lawyer practicing near Tourcoing, she supports you in the constitution of your case and guides you in your approach by guaranteeing follow-up with rigor and tenacity. She takes care of gathering all the elements concerning the preparation of your file.

For more information on the services of Maître Marie Grangé concerning family law in Villeneuve d’Ascq, do not hesitate to contact Maître Marie Grangé at